QuickDraw​("Cat", 1);

QuickDraw​("Cat", 1);


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30 Cats Drawn Under 20 Seconds;

Each pair of socks string&&loop's new Quick, Draw! series features cat drawings contributed by players of the game Quick, Draw! by Google. The data comes from the open source Quick, Draw! Dataset, which contains 50 million drawings across 345 categories, making it the world's largest doodling dataset.

Below are the original cat drawings featured in this pair of socks as selected from a total of over 100,000 entries!

Download the PDF data sheet to learn more about each one, such as what what day it was drawn on and what country it was drawn in.

if you're interested in experimenting with the dataset in your own sketches, we developed The Quick, Draw for Processing Library as a public resource for interfacing with the data. Send Cody an email and let us know what you make with it!

Socks made from domestically sourced combed cotton (55%), nylon (43%), and spandex (2%). Read the about page to learn more. Machine wash cold with like colors.