string&&loop (pronounced "string AND loop") is the worlds first line of generatively designed knit socks, developed by artist Cody Ben Lewis as a platform for exploring experimental fashion concepts.

The brand originally began as a design thesis at Boston University in the spring of 2016, and has since been expanded through a series of successful Kickstarters and community events. Our socks are all designed within the heart of Boston and in most cases, your socks will be shipped by Cody directly from the downtown post office.

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Frustrated with a lack of creativity within the hosiery industry, string&&loop aims to create genuinely fun, innovative, and intellectually driven products by knitting the beauty of physical craft with the power of technology

Computers offer the ability to process logic and produce complex patterns at speeds that humans could never keep up with. However, the screens we use to display this kind of art are often incapable of commanding the same artistic value that exists within physical forms, such as woven textiles and knitted canvases. By leveraging the strengths of these separate technologies within a single product, they elevate each other to form perfect pair (of socks).

Using Processing, string&&loop's traditionally inspired patterns are generated following a sequence of specialized algorithms. Though only one pattern can be manufactured at a time in bulk, the underlying process allows for countless iterations.


As a result, we continuously limit the quantity of socks we produce per design and frequently retire patterns to focus on newer systems and outputs. Our goal is to share the breadth and potential application of generative art and creative coding with the wider world. This means we have to set restrictions in order to cover as much creative territory as possible.

Product > Profit;

From head to toe, string&&loop was created with the idea that there are better, if not at least different ways to develop a fashion brand. As part of that mission our products are proudly made in U.S.A using domestically sourced materials.

The socks themselves are knit and finished around Greensboro, North Carolina, a lasting stronghold for the American textile industry. Our combed cotton is also predominantly grown and dyed in the state, and the elastic, nylon, and lycras we use are all processed there as well.


By partnering with the right people and continuing to make ethical choices regarding sourcing, we've been able to produce one of the most conceptually interesting fashion brands on the internet that also happens to be one of the most comfortable ones. We stand by our quality, integrity, and transparency.

Special Thanks;

In addition to the support of its Kickstarter backers and friends, string&&loop would not exist without the work of The Processing Foundation. Their programs are open source, and their work is deeply respected and appreciated. Please consider donating to them to help further advance the role of programming within the visual arts.