Custom ​("BU", 1);

Custom ​("BU", 1);


This edition was made custom and is unavailable for purchase.

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Designed in Boston. Made in U.S.A.
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Our first custom edition, made in collaboration with Boston University's Student Innovation Center, Innovate@BU. The design system was based off of the logo for BU's IDEA 2018 Conference Event and used randomly arranged triangles and rectangles to generate complex non-repeating patterns.

After rendering the base sock design algorithmically, it was then edited by hand to incorporate the @BU logo on the sole and ensure a perfect distribution of positive and negative shapes throughout the sock.




Socks were distributed exclusively to attendees of the conference, including keynote speaker Johnny Cupcakes


Made from domestically sourced combed cotton (55%), nylon (43%), and spandex (2%). Read the about page to learn more. Machine wash with like colors.